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Total Inv.
Alphacon Marketplace Genomics
ARNA Panacea Marketplace Research & Clinical Trials
BitMED Marketplace Digital Medicine / Care Delivery
Blupass Marketplace Healthcare Operations
Care4Me Marketplace Healthcare Operations
Citizen Health Marketplace Healthcare - unspecified
Clinicoin Marketplace Fitness / Wellness
CoinHealth Marketplace Healthcare Operations $208,000
Computable Labs Marketplace Blockchain Infrastructure
Consent.Global Marketplace Healthcare - unspecified
CoverUs Marketplace Personal Health Record
Cryogen Marketplace Research & Clinical Trials $2,500,000
CureCoin Marketplace Research & Clinical Trials $6,800,000
Datum Marketplace Blockchain Infrastructure $7,200,000
Dentacoin Marketplace Digital Medicine / Care Delivery $2,100,000
Docademic Marketplace Digital Medicine / Care Delivery $1,100,000
eHealth First Marketplace Personal Health Record
Etheal Marketplace Healthcare Operations
Grapevine World Marketplace Healthcare Operations
HealthDex Marketplace Healthcare Operations
hit Foundation Marketplace Personal Health Record
LifesDNA Marketplace Fitness / Wellness
Longenesis Marketplace Personal Health Record
LunaDNA Marketplace Genomics $4,000,000
Lympo Marketplace Fitness / Wellness $16,900,000
MedCredits Marketplace Digital Medicine / Care Delivery
nanoVision Marketplace Research & Clinical Trials
Nebula Genomics Marketplace Genomics $1,600,000
NWP Solutions Marketplace Fitness / Wellness
Ocean Protocol Marketplace Blockchain Infrastructure $22,100,000
Peer Atlas Marketplace Healthcare - unspecified
Professional Credentials Exchange Marketplace Healthcare Operations $3,000,000
WLTH Marketplace Healthcare - unspecified
Zealeum Marketplace Fitness / Wellness
Zenome Marketplace Genomics $600,000
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