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Total Inv.
Alphacon Marketplace Genomics
ARNA Panacea Marketplace Research & Clinical Trials
BitMED Marketplace Digital Medicine / Care Delivery
Blupass Marketplace Healthcare Operations
Care4Me Marketplace Healthcare Operations
Citizen Health Marketplace Healthcare - unspecified
Clinicoin Marketplace Fitness / Wellness
CoinHealth Marketplace Healthcare Operations $208,000
Computable Labs Marketplace Blockchain Infrastructure
Consent.Global Marketplace Healthcare - unspecified
CoverUs Marketplace Personal Health Record
Cryogen Marketplace Research & Clinical Trials $2,500,000
CureCoin Marketplace Research & Clinical Trials $6,800,000
Datum Marketplace Blockchain Infrastructure $7,200,000
DEIP Marketplace Research & Clinical Trials
Dentacoin Marketplace Digital Medicine / Care Delivery $2,100,000
Docademic Marketplace Digital Medicine / Care Delivery $1,100,000
eHealth First Marketplace Personal Health Record
Embleema Marketplace Pharmaceutical
Etheal Marketplace Healthcare Operations
Grapevine World Marketplace Healthcare Operations
HealthDex Marketplace Healthcare Operations
hit Foundation Marketplace Personal Health Record
LifesDNA Marketplace Fitness / Wellness
Longenesis Marketplace Personal Health Record
LunaDNA Marketplace Genomics $4,000,000
Lympo Marketplace Fitness / Wellness $16,900,000
MedCredits Marketplace Digital Medicine / Care Delivery
MedicalBlockchain Marketplace Digital Medicine / Care Delivery
nanoVision Marketplace Research & Clinical Trials
Nebula Genomics Marketplace Genomics $1,600,000
NWP Solutions Marketplace Fitness / Wellness
Ocean Protocol Marketplace Blockchain Infrastructure $22,100,000
Peer Atlas Marketplace Healthcare - unspecified
Professional Credentials Exchange Marketplace Healthcare Operations $3,000,000
WLTH Marketplace Healthcare - unspecified
Zealeum Marketplace Fitness / Wellness
Zenome Marketplace Genomics $600,000
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